The melodic breeze infused in the production operates smoothly and coherently with the singer’s vocal tone, exuding an enchanting charm, that lures listeners into a colorful dimension. ”

Uranium Waves

'chalice' isn’t just a piece of music, this is artistic expression in its purest sense.”

Le Future Wave

Le Canada regorge de belles voix, de pépites musicales et artistiques, Willolux et son titre Chalice le confirment.”

Direct Actu (French Online Magazine)

Her voice is beautiful and the lyrics come from a place that is truly human and so refreshing in the music industry”

Wolf In A Suit (USA)

Kristina, partendo da una base folk semplice, riesce a creare morbidi panorami dai toni sognanti che sanno riscaldarci: delicatezza e totale magia che sanno toccare i cuori!” - Antonio Paolo Zucchelli

Indie For Bunnies

An aroma of dreams and love, flow effectively and lovingly from this project.”


she instantly captures the listener's attention to the meaningful lyrics that aim to be a beacon for those that need a safe space within after trauma.”

Caesar Live N Loud

willolux’s vocals are captivating until the last second”

Le Future Wave

her music is equal parts easy introspection and hard-earned catharsis, and will leave you different than you were.”


Her narrative style is direct but incredibly enjoyable and always good for a surprise.”

WeLoveThatSound (Berlin, Germany)