Her voice is beautiful and the lyrics come from a place that is truly human and so refreshing in the music industry”

Wolf In A Suit (USA)

Kristina Emmott has created a touching, introspective and intelligent collection of songs with Armour. ”

Francis Baptiste

An aroma of dreams and love, flow effectively and lovingly from this project.”


she instantly captures the listener's attention to the meaningful lyrics that aim to be a beacon for those that need a safe space within after trauma.”

Caesar Live N Loud

willolux’s vocals are captivating until the last second”

Le Future Wave

her music is equal parts easy introspection and hard-earned catharsis, and will leave you different than you were.”


Her narrative style is direct but incredibly enjoyable and always good for a surprise.”

WeLoveThatSound (Berlin, Germany)

First catching my ear with the track “Modern Day Maestro” two years ago, willolux again shows a very melodic sound with a dose of ’90s nostalgia. ”

Obscure Sound (New York)

The amazing singer willolux is back with her new single Artillery, a brilliant piece of music. I adore the blend of art-pop, singer-songwriter-folk and rock influences, it creates a dynamic soundscape”

Le Future Wave

There’s something so inviting, so honest, so soothing about this song that it truly allows you to fall with ease into her world. ”

Wolf In A Suit (USA)

willolux uses a variety of different textures such as piano, synth, drum samples to create a poppy, upbeat track while her lyrics explore profound questions.”

Two Story Melody