Kristina Emmott aka Willolux does it once more and delivers a masterpiece of modern music that goes beyond what the rest are doing”

Wolf In A Suit (USA)

Her single "The Only Way Out Is Through" is the latest in a series of stunning sonic pictures. She is as talented as songwriters come these days.”

Modern Music Maker (USA)

This pop is pure, this is art that will move us all into becoming better people if only for the few minutes it infiltrates our lives. ”

Mp3hugger (Dublin)

Elle est unique. Tout est maîtrisé : la voix, la mélodie, la production, et même l'image que l'artiste s'est créée”

Music For Your Heart (France)

Willolux’s ‘I’m-bored-but-I-care-vocals’ give ‘Flatline’ a sad, optimistic and catchy sound.”

WeLoveThatSound (Berlin, Germany)

Heavy stuff, but subtly and sublimely performed, it leaves knots in your chest that you won’t soon untangle.”

Grayowl Point (Toronto, Canada)

Beautiful, mesmerizing and truly out of this world...worth enjoying and listening over and over again. ”

Wolf In A Suit (USA)

Emmott appears to pack a sound wherein wide-spreading recognition is imminent. ”

Obscure Sound (New York)

Poetic and lush, melancholy and detailed, is personable, very tuneful”

The Autumn Roses (Austin, USA)

A sublime slice of folk-pop. The music is radiant and immersive, echoing Basia Bulat’s reinvention of ’70s-era folk-pop. Her voice is lavishing, where the listener is left dangling to every word she sings.”

The Revue (Canada)

fuzzy guitars that crunch alongside lush and dreamy melodies that feel nostalgic yet current”

The Oh-es-tee (Toronto, Canada)

A master blender of nostalgic folk and bedroom dream-pop. ”

Santa Rosa Records (USA)

The vocals are classic indie girl, Aimee Mann so there’s an effortless couldn’t give a fuck attitude at work.”

Mp3hugger (Dublin)

... packs in some fine songwriting, telling a tale of young-adulthood in our current age...Emmott’s vocals are smoky and rich, but when she hits the notes on the chorus, you’ll be singing right alongside her. ”

Austin Town Hall (Austin, USA)

Comforting as a quilt, and honest as they come. Willolux is a songwriter strapped to a bottlerocket — she will soon be everywhere. ”

Modern Music Maker (USA)

Kristina Emmott’s vocals... channel the ethereal grandiosity of Harriet Wheeler.”

Mp3hugger (Dublin)

Her alluring charm lies in her whimsical compositions, but she’ll make you feel all the feels with her lyrics. ”

Permanent Rain Press (Vancouver, Canada)

Perfect for both rainy afternoons and star-filled summer nights… Vancouver-based Willolux is making waves with her new independently-released album. ”

Canadian Beats

Tragende Soundebenen und wunderschönes, unaufgeregtes Songwriting. So etwas machen nur Musiker, die es nicht nötig haben, ihre Musik hinter Bombast und aufwändigen Produktionen zu verstecken. ”

Tonspion (Berlin)