Willolux is on a prolific run of excellent songwriting. “The Gift” is her latest stunner of a musical masterpiece. The performance and production are so unbelievably good that she stands like a giant over her contemporaries. ”

Modern Music Maker (USA)

willolux truly does seem to have a unique style to her music”

York Calling (UK)

like all willolux numbers, there is something magical in the air, soaring vocals as ever but twinkling stars overhead that will charm the birds from the trees. It is such simple stuff but so hard to get right, and this act just keeps issuing new gems at will”

Mp3hugger (Dublin)

top-notch bedroom pop”

— Live Nation BC

Kristina Emmott aka Willolux does it once more and delivers a masterpiece of modern music that goes beyond what the rest are doing”

Wolf In A Suit (USA)

Her single "The Only Way Out Is Through" is the latest in a series of stunning sonic pictures. She is as talented as songwriters come these days.”

Modern Music Maker (USA)

This pop is pure, this is art that will move us all into becoming better people if only for the few minutes it infiltrates our lives. ”

Mp3hugger (Dublin)

Elle est unique. Tout est maîtrisé : la voix, la mélodie, la production, et même l'image que l'artiste s'est créée”

Music For Your Heart (France)

Willolux’s ‘I’m-bored-but-I-care-vocals’ give ‘Flatline’ a sad, optimistic and catchy sound.”

WeLoveThatSound (Berlin, Germany)

Heavy stuff, but subtly and sublimely performed, it leaves knots in your chest that you won’t soon untangle.”

Grayowl Point (Toronto, Canada)

Beautiful, mesmerizing and truly out of this world...worth enjoying and listening over and over again. ”

Wolf In A Suit (USA)