Kristina Emmott is best known as willolux, a Canadian indie-folk bedroom-pop musician whose
tuneful, poetic work is rich with retro stylings and poignant depth.

Emmott’s first memories of songwriting began around the age of 8, where she would wander the
playground alone, in constant search of melodies in her mind. A precocious child, she dove into
rock ‘n roll and punk rock from an early age due to her musician father’s influence. “I have very
early, vivid memories of exotic birds suddenly chirping in the living room, and I knew that my
dad had just put on another Pink Floyd record… I have fond memories of being in an awe-struck
daze, watching the vinyl spin, taking it all in.”

After years of songwriting alone in her bedroom, self-proclaimed introvert Emmott began playing
her songs for anybody who would hear them, leading her to play in various venues around her
hometown of Vancouver, which eventually led to her expanding her reach, albeit fighting her
inner introvert, as a busking performer in the streets of Paris, Barcelona, and Melbourne.
Upon her return to Vancouver, Emmott began writing a new collection of songs which would
slowly form into her first full-length album as willolux. With no funding behind her creative
pursuits, she worked tirelessly at 3 jobs in order to self-fund her release. It took a year to record
her debut album, “Thread & Tape”, which was produced by Vancouver’s Jonathan Anderson
(Twin Bandit, Andy Shauf, Aidan Knight).

“Thread & Tape” was released on June 23rd, 2017, and was met with acclaim from indie music
bloggers around the world. She was featured more than any other artist in 2017 on Dublin’s
Mp3hugger, who praised her as “a blazing talent from Canada” and declared “nobody does
heartbreak and honesty like willolux, probably our favourite artist of 2017.” Elsewhere in the UK,
she caught the ear of indie folk playlister Alexrainbird, whose popular YouTube channel reaches
millions of listeners a month. To date, on his channel, she has been featured three times on
compilations that are all currently nearing 1,000,000 listens. In November, she recently landed a
feature on Tonspion, Germany’s most popular indie blog, which helped create European hype
around her music.

Her debut album has also garnered praise from American indie bloggers Wolf in a Suit, The
Autumn Roses, Santa Rosa Records, and Obscure Sound. They called her music “worth
listening to over and over again”, “poetic and lush”, saying she is an artist who “is a master
blender of nostalgic folk and bedroom dream pop”, for whom “wide-spreading recognition is
imminent.” Canada’s Grayowl Point gave the album its highest honour, declaring it “heavy stuff,
but subtly and sublimely performed, it leaves knots in your chest that you won’t soon untangle.”

Since the release of “Thread & Tape”, Emmott has been hard at work writing new material for
her follow-up album, which she hopes to release sometime in late 2018.